Our Smart Connected Systems visualize your indoor air, analyze its components, and purify every inch of your space at a 99.97% pathogen elimination rate in a matter of minutes.

Cleanair spaces

The air you breathe has a bigger impact on your health than your doctor, and DuctFIT® is founded on the principle that your indoor space should be safe, especially since we spend more than 90% of our time indoors.

Our AI based air quality monitoring and purification systems solutions deploy smart technology so that you control your indoor air quality and visualise it through multiple interfaces (app, screen, etc).

Our systems collect millions of data points daily, and with this information, proactively clean your indoor space (air and surfaces) while massively reducing your energy use and operational costs. We are data driven but human centric, strictly complying with international legislation and ensuring our systems are 100% safe for humans and animals (ENAC certified).

Our systems are unique because they are proactive, scientifically certified, chemical free, and guarantee every inch of your indoor space is purified in a matter of minutes, crushing the ability of a virus or bacteria to spread.

As the system is automated. ductFIT® products also help users significantly reduce costs and their carbon footprint.

Data & Customisable

Our Smart Technology collects millions of data points daily (CO2, VOCs, PM2.5/10), analyses them, and uses the information to initiate an automated system that constantly protects you. Our solutions are customised to optimise your indoor space.

Scientific Rigour & Certifications

Our systems have undergone the strictest of testing in government, academic and hospital research labs. Our patent is the only virus removal technology that has passed the examination of scientific reference laboratories with human viruses.

Supply Chain

We have strong standards: all our suppliers are required to uphold business ethics practices ( human rights, labor, health & safety, environmental) that align with the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA).

Energy Efficiency

Guaranteed 30% savings in short term energy consumption coupled with compounded energy reduction over time, results in a reduced carbon footprint and massive cost savings.


Our system directly prioritizes and supports your well-being (physical, mental and cognitive), and this positively impacts productivity and overall success.

Healthy Buildings

Yesterday's paradigm is being replaced with IoT, and we consider all elements of an indoor space to create systems that are smart and safe.


elimination in 5 Minutes


elimination in 15 Minutes


elimination in 30 Minutes

*based on study carried out by CSIC in relation to the effectiveness of the ductFIT® device
for the elimination of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (Covid 19)

99.97% Coronavirus elimination rate

Since we spend more than 90% of our time indoors, having safe solutions for your indoor spaces - office, hospital, factory, sports centre, transport, or school - is key to a healthy life. We are data driven but human centric, strictly complying with international legislation and our ENAC certification proves that our systems are 100% safe for humans and animals.

Our Clients

Global cross-industry clients share the same objectives for their indoor spaces: to achieve superior indoor air quality (IAQ) through automated, economical and smart technology, while reducing energy and operational costs.