Solutions to optimize indoor air quality

Whether an office, school, hospital, or sports centre, our scientifically certified systems purify the air and disinfect surfaces after a real time analysis of air quality (measuring PM 2.5/10, CO2 levels, etc.). We have received certifications from public and private laboratories, demonstrating our efficacy against viruses, bacteria, chemicals and total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs).


Technology for comfort

Air-conditioning, lighting and HVAC systems use significant amounts of energy, which results in massive spending and a detrimental impact on the environment. Our comfort Management System (CMS), CleanAir Spaces’ automation system manages air equipment to save energy consumption and, as a result, costs.


Real-time energy consumption information

Approximately 40% of total energy consumption comes from buildings, normally because they are poorly insulated and the systems are neither smart nor automated. We help indoor spaces become healthy and smart, collecting data and then designing energy plans (performance, renewable or integrated management) to help public and private entities save at least 30% off their energy costs.


Efficient and intelligent

Air-conditioning consumes a lot of energy in most facilities. Our automation system saves energy while maintaining optimal temperature, air quality and CO2 levels in the environment.


Respecting the environment

The combination of LED lighting, sensors and presence detectors can also help reduce energy consumption and maximise lamp life while maintaining a neat and comfortable environment.


Technology has revolutionized our world and daily lives. It can be used to better almost every element of our lives and most specifically, our well-being. ductFIT® technology ensures purified indoor spaces for its users.


  • Environmental comfort thanks to all intelligent devices and equipment managed and controlled by loT.
  • Indoor air purification using state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Fresh air management (CO2/O2).
  • HVAC management.
  • Light management.
  • Use of space.


The automation of the site allows us to collect information and store it in the cloud to be controlled by the APP later, thus allowing:

  • Better energy use and savings.
  • Comfort and well-being reports.
  • Analysis of the air quality.