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ESG Pillars Shape Our Future

The recent transition from a general concept of Sustainability to monitored and measured ESG Performance indicates a maturation of business practices. There is a growing body of evidence that there are multiple benefits to becoming a purpose-led organization:

As such, ESG compliance and performance is a primary strategic concern of CEOs and Boards, and companies are shifting from doing good (CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility) to setting up practices that embed ESG into the fabric of a company’s activities.

We support you in the shift towards ESG.

Access to clean air is a basic human right and our mission has always been to create the most sustainable and compelling options for clean air in indoor spaces. CAS is well positioned to be at the forefront of delivering customer solutions that will not only meet new more stringent ESG standards, but also set the bar for others to follow.

We use the same financial, social and environmental metrics used by financial institutions, insurance companies, investors, customers and employees as performance references of corporations.

How can we help you adhere to each metric?

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