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As it expanded the education arm of its business, Shenzhen Lego sought to create an indoor space that was optimized in every aspect and was especially sensitive to the needs of children. As they are still developing, children are more vulnerable to dirty air than adults, and such exposure negatively impacts their physical and cognitive wellbeing, as there is a direct correlation between clean air and wellbeing.




Automation, air and energy efficiency




Shenzhen, China /
Headquartered: Billund, Denmark


Parents are hesitant to shop with their children at largely frequented retail spaces if they are unsure about the cleanliness of an indoor space. LEGO wanted to ensure superior indoor air quality at their retail spaces, and create a welcoming environment for parents, and in turn, their children. They also hoped to achieve high levels of energy efficiency.


Our automated solution connected DuctFIT® air purification device with their air-conditioning system, creating a clean environment in which children could learn and play, whilst teachers could engage.