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The emotional and physical well-being of children is significantly more vulnerable than that of adults. At the same time, small children are less aware of potential bacterial or viral transmission that can occur when playing at school and tend to share or touch things indiscriminately. It was logical that parents were hesitant in permitting their children to return to the school after the COVID-19 outbreak unless management could indisputably establish that the indoor spaces (air and surface) were purified.




Purification and Monitoring




Shanghai, China /
Headquartered: United States


Management’s objective was to purify and disinfect areas vulnerable to viruses and pathogens not only in areas of high population density, but in areas of high transition or activity, to eliminate any transmission amongst children and reassure parents.


DuctFIT® units were installed, purifying the school in several stages, and freeing the air and surfaces of the room from pathogens. Our monitoring systems were accessible via APIs and integrated into the internal communication’s platform, granting management visibility to all locations on a single platform and, also granting parents access to real-time air quality data as well as historical data.