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Inspired by Canterbury Tales, this venue is a landmark in Zaragoza, Spain, as it is known for innovation and entertainment in the restaurant industry.




HVAC and air purification




Zaragoza, Spain


After an exhaustive study of purification systems, Miguel Ángel Salinas (Manager of Grupo Canterbury and Vice-President of the Association of Discotheques of Zaragoza) contacted CleanAir Spaces to convert his premises into a safe space for his workers and clients. Considering the new restrictions associated with COVID-19, they needed to urgently adhere to certain protocols before resuming business activity.


  • DuctFIT®50 (2), DuctFIT®100 (1) and DuctFIT®200 (2) installed in the central ventilation duct
  • Correction ratios were applied in anticipation of increased activity
  • KleanSense units (2) were installed to monitor air quality and verify the correct air renewal. Transparency is key to ensuring peace of mind for all clients and with this in mind, results are displayed on a unit visible to everyone. The values recorded by KleanSense were customised via web API for the Grupo Canterbury’s official website.