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This high-end manufacturer of kitchen knives was extremely concerned about the quality of their air as toxic smells were increasingly noted. Despite the company’s high-energy consumption and expenditure, their obsolete air-conditioning system did not prevent outside air pollution from entering the premises.




Energy efficiency, HVAC and air purification




Shanghai, China /
Headquartered: Solingen, Germany


There was an urgent need to control and reduce PM2.5 / PM10 particulate matter, as well as TVOCs (total volatile organic compounds) and in turn, manage oxygen and CO2 levels. Zwilling hoped for a modern, intelligent, environmentally friendly, and low-maintenance air supply and filtration system that would ensure high indoor air quality while saving energy.


CleanAir Spaces installed a new fresh air system with a HEPA filter and activated carbon to achieve indoor air quality in line with the World Health Organisation (WHO) standards while still saving 85% energy consumption. After information was collected, predictive intelligence based on CAS proprietary algorithmic techniques was applied to optimise indoor air measurement. An intelligent control system displays indoor and outdoor air quality through multiple interfaces and, in fact, the majority of employees downloaded the CleanAir Spaces application so that they could obtain real time data about their indoor space.