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As Singapore’s leading private international kindergarten and education chain, the school is laser focused on quality. Children spend on average 1,000 hours in the classroom each year, and schools tend to be densely populated. Children exhale CO2 and if there is poor ventilation or purification system, the consequence is that children are exposed to dangerous levels of bacteria, viruses, or TVOCs that provoke behavioural issues, difficulty to focus, and headaches.


Julia Gabriel


ductFIT® anti-COVID equipment




Shanghai, China /
Headquartered: Singapore

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Children are more vulnerable to dirty air and surfaces than adults, but at the same time they are transmitters of viruses because they are eager to touch everything and then touching their mouth or nose. The school needed to safeguard their indoor spaces from bacteria (e.g. especially mold) or viruses.


Fully automated DuctFIT® technology solutions not only guaranteed a clean environment, but also resulted in improved facility management and cost savings of up to 40%. The parents also downloaded the app to monitor air quality and feel assured about the safety of their children.