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Committed to environmental sustainability and decarbonisation, they have been creating power solutions for more than 100 years. Their respect for the environment extends to their concern for their indoor spaces. As such, to pre-emptively guarantee safe and superior air quality for its employees, the Beijing office moved its offices to a new space.




Remediation of the air quality




Shanghai, China /
Headquartered: USA


Although the new office was built with high quality materials, they released gases and substances such as formaldehyde or benzene. These TVOCs (Total Volatile Organic Compounds) clearly had to be controlled within certain limits so that they did not incite harm to people.


We performed several evaluation tests before opting for the most relevant solution, and designed a project with the construction team to remove all toxic substances and install the equipment during construction. Some equipment was kept at the end of the move for additional security. Our ready-made devices removed viruses and bacteria from air and surfaces. In addition, the company noted increased employee productivity and happiness as they appreciate being able to monitor air quality levels for their indoor environment through the downloaded app.